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Ed is a spectacular attorney he isn't like other attorneys who do the constant nickle and dime. Hes great my husband and I highly recommend him! Thanks for the hard work you put into our case!

-Victoria Cordero

Very amazing and professional attorney. Answered any questions I had quickly and in great explanation. Never had a problem keeping in contact and made me feel like my case was a priority and important to him. Helped me in turning a terrible situation into a good one and relieved a lot of stress from my life. Well worth hiring and would recommend to anyone if you want someone reliable and shows they care. Ed does his job and he does it very well, all without trying to squeeze money out of you unlike most attorneys. One of my best decisions was deciding to hire him to represent me throughout my case and would again if ever necessary in the future.


Ed Risha is a spectacular attorney and an even better person. He has helped me immensely, and I know of others he has also worked with. They all have nothing but good things to say about him as a professional. Ed Risha is very hardworking, and really cares about his clients. He is definitely someone I can say I trust, and I believe that he is truly one of the best!

-Paula McMichael

Ed has been absolutely amazing with all of the work he has done for me. Not only was he professional, well read and creative with his legal duties; he was a very good support through my entire case and after. He genuinely cares about his clients. Ed is straight forward and has a set of morals that he stays true to in all his endeavours. Personally, he handled my very complicated case in a very timely manner and was able to get me in good standings quickly. Since this, he has still been very easy to contact. I have never had to make a second phone call as the first has always been addressed within the hour if not right away. He is willing to travel across the state, literally going the extra mile for his clients. I have reccomended him to many individuals and will continue to do so, as his results are generally the best possible. With his experience and broad range of experience in the system, Ed is undoubtedly the guy you want on your team.

-Jamie Williams

Mr. Risha is an excellent attorney who is very ethical. He does his job, but does not do the constant nickel and dime game that I have experienced in the past. I have consulted and hired many lawyers in my lifetime and he is one of the best. This was the first time I felt like I mattered and that money was not wasted.

-Megan Longstreet

I was facing some pretty serious charges 4 felony’s to be exact, and i remember before I talked to Ed I wasn’t very confident in the case and wasn’t sure what would happen! Ed was very straight forward w me throughout the whole process and told me what his expectations of me and the case were. About 3 short months later felony charges were dropped and I couldn’t be happier. Didn’t matter what time of day or what day if I had a question or any concern about the case Ed was always right there to help. Highly recommend Mr. Ed Risha

-Joshua Archuleta

He is the best i would highly recommend him to anyone. He takes time to listen and actually cares and does his job 110%. He has gotten me through some tough spots. He will do all he can to get you the best outcome he will use every resource he can to get you the justice you deserve. I would definitely keep using him to represent me and anyone else i know. Very reasonably priced as will. Glad he is back doing private practice.

-Chris Pino

An excellent attorney. Compassionate but fair! He really listened to all my concerns and helped guide me through a very difficult time. Mr. Risha was able to get me a good out come to an ugly situation. Mr. Risha is affordable and fair in his billing. I received outstanding legal representation with out going broke. I highly recommend!

-Gayle Anderson

A very skilled attorney. He takes great care with the most delicate issues and is very personable with young people facing difficult times. He advocates for their safety and protection. Mr.Risha is very steadfast in his belief children/young people need to be heard in a way that makes them safe and cared about. I trust him implicitly.

-Gail Anderson

Timely, knowledgeable, & a damn good lawyer! Would recommend to anyone anyday. Thanks for all your help.

-Felicia Jones

Me. Risha is a very well respected and accomplished attorney. He dealt with my matter with the utmost discretion, professionalism, and care. I would recommend Mr. Risha to anyone who wants an attorney who is honest, fair, and will work hard for you, to get the best outcome for your case.

Karen Holland

Wow, this guy is amazing!! My fiancé had a very difficult case , had FIVE prior felony charges , and this man STILL GOT HIM PROBATION. He is very understanding, and very professional. 10/10 recommend Ed! Thank you so much.

-Morgan Porter